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Kevin Driscoll: Blood and Passion




Kevin Driscoll & His Musical Friends






Kevin Driscoll, guitar and vocals

Kevin Driscoll has fronted several bands (including The Impostors, The Hard-Core Troubadours, and The Jaded Saints) since he started playing guitar and writing songs. A local from the Baltimore-Washington area, he spent three years in Nashville, where he played guitar and bass and refined his songwriting skills. Kevin is known for his musical experience, enthusiasm on stage, and love of blues, rock, and roots music.




Mark Giuliano, keyboards

Dr. Mark Giuliano is a dynamic keyboard player whose improvisations provide energy and excitement in a wide range of musical styles and settings. Mark's talent combines the best of classical training at Eastman School of Music with years of gigging experience. Proficient in blues, rock, jazz, folk, New Age, and classical piano styles, Mark has performed in bands (including Face the Fish, The Impostors, and The Jaded Saints), as well as providing accompaniment for musical productions, dance troupes, weddings, and church choirs.


Jim Grice, bass

Jim Grice is a self-taught bass player, proficient in blues, funk, R&B, and rock who has played in a myriad of bands in the Midwest and the East Coast. Now living in Baltimore, but born in Memphis, Jim was inspired by the R&B masters of Motown and Stax, and at 6'5", he has no trouble reaching all the notes from punk rock to alt-country.


Bruce Allen drums, vacking vocals

Bruce began playing drums at the age of 9, studying and playing a variety of musical styles through school years. Bruce has played and recorded with many bands in the D.C. area and elsewhere since the early 1980's having shared the stage with some legendary musicians over the years. Musical styles range from classic rock, original rock, blues, folk and fusion with emphasis on groove, dynamic and great feeling. Bruce has many great players spanning several genres who are mentors and influences, Ringo among them!


Patty Dougherty, drums and vocals

Patty Dougherty has played in bands as diverse as the hard-rockin' Scarlet O and the straight-ahead country of Ty Braddock, and has backed first-rate performers such as Redd Volkaert and the always entertaining Dale Watson. She has worked with Ricky Davis and Buddy Charleton and as a member of Mommy I'm Scared when they were the support act for Joan Jett. Patty holds a driving beat like nobody's business, and when she's not at gigs in the area, she teaches drums, piano, and voice.


Geoff Burrell-Sahl, drums and vocals

Geoff Burrell, formerly with Funny Money, has been playing drums in bands for more than 25 years. After a year of intense study at the Percussion Institute of Technology in Hollywood, California, he returned to the East Coast in the early '80s and played a variety of gigs in New York City and the Baltimore-Washington area. From cruise ships to punk bands, Geoff's playing experience is as extensive as his musical knowledge.



Tom Johnson, bass and vocals

Tom is a compelling talent that adds a great deal to any musical situation. He has been playing bass for a number of years with such bands as Relic Effect and is now a member of a great classic rock band called Second Sole.



Erik Marks, bass

Erik Marks attended the University of Maryland Baltimore County where he studied classical upright bass and trumpet in the early '80s. There he met the legendary keyboardist Ellsworth Hall, who invited Erik to hold down the bass chair of the band Affinity, explaining that this would give his left hand a much-needed rest from all the funk and disco of the '70s and '80s. Since then Erik has played in a number of cover and original bands in the Baltimore-Washington area.


Patrick Guerin, guitar and vocals

Patrick is Kevin's musical partner in the duo The Forever Valentines. He has played and recorded with the Dory Funk All-Stars and is the writer of the Valentines' recording "Katrina," included on the first Waterfront Hotel compilation CD.

Howard Grossenbacher, bass and guitar
Howie Grossenbacher started playing a $40 Kent acoustic guitar when he was 8. Still playing it at 14 and hating it, he asked his mom to help him get something else. "Not until that one breaks," he was told. One set of super-duper heavy bluegrass-gauge strings snapped the neck almost off, and he got a new Strat. Howie was involved with a garage band in high school, but he started playing bass with The Shivers, an originals band that sometimes shared gig nights with The Impostors. When the bass position opened up in The Impostors, Howie joined them and has played off and on with Kevin, Geoff, and Mark since.

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